Sunday, June 8, 2008

Beginning in Photography

Hi, my name is Sierra, or Ciara, people spell it either way. I am a beggining photographer and have become wrapped in with high fashion photography. I first began with taking pictures of my younger sister, who is natural model, and after working with lighting, clothing, the model and the camera, I finally figured out what I want to do, High fahion photography. I used to have hopes of being a high fahion model but unless I grow another two inches, that dream seems just out of reach. After looking at modeling and then at photography I realized that I would rather take the pictures than be in them anyways, although I still do some modeling. My friend, insparation, and most of the reason I even started to think about photography, is Patrick Zeirden. He is an incredible photographer @ , Either way, I hope to create a proffesion in high fashion photography. Finding a profession that I have a passion for is something I've always wanted and here it is at my feet. I will work hard, take the steps, and work my way up to my fullest potential. I hope to travel the world, work with great people, all in the name and art of photography.

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